Friday, May 14, 2010

Two steps forward... one major step back

Well it’s been an eventful couple of weeks! First, I graduated with my MPH [cue pomp & circumstance!], and I’m continuing in my internship position with the board of health for the summer. I’ve been excited-if-not-slightly-anxious waiting for an invite, or rather any word from placement. I’ve been medically cleared for 5 months and legally/dentally cleared as well. I’m just humming along excited about life.

*Here I am with my new red hair:


Then it happens.

A new medical [minor] issue arises. I inform my PC nurse & fax in paperwork. That’s when my plans and dreams are dashed, or at the very least delayed by several months. So, now I am back on a medical hold, will most likely be deferred [AGAIN] for 4-6 months or more and will definitely miss my departure date.


Furthermore, everyone at work knows I just graduated and they've been asking me what I'm going to do next and I've had to play it vague and cool since I didn’t want to tell people until I was invited. I’m really glad now that I didn’t say anything. My lease is up on August 31, and I really don’t know what I’m going to do or where I’m going to live. At least I have a good job and will not become a hobo. I am trying to look on the bright side, but after being in the application process for the past almost 11 months it is hard. Very hard. I am disappointed, but will continue with this process. I hope when a placement officer finally looks at my file to issue an invite they're like "wow, she must really want this".... and I do!

P.S. My next post will not be so gloom and doom.


  1. I literally laughed out loud at your "plans" picture, even though its not a laughing matter!

    Just try to remember that everything DOES happen for a reason. Maybe you'll need the extra money you can save at your job? Maybe you'll win the lottery while you're still in the states? Maybe you'll get more practice and training in your area that will make you an awesome volunteer?

    I also had an unexpected delay when they told me that I might possibly have to have heart surgery - thankfully I didn't but at least now I know for the future to be extra careful with it!

    Good luck and hope everything turns out OK!

  2. Hi - I was invited/accepted to Botswana on March 2; on March 5 I broke my arm...medical deferral, still in the waiting process. I really do empathize with you! Hope all works out

  3. My dreams have been put on hold before too. When I first applied, my account was actually deactivated for about 8 months before I was able to reactivate it. The wait sucks, but it'll pay off.

    I'm sending in my medical packet at the end of the week (hopefully), so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing comes up as a red flag.

    Anyway, I hope that everything turns out okay and that the wait will go quickly. Oh, the joys of the application process!