Monday, March 22, 2010

9 months!

It has been 9 months since I first started the application process and 4 months since I received medical clearance. And not a peep out of placement in all this time. No emails, no phone calls, not even a mass email saying "it'll be X weeks until we get to your file... wait in line yada yada" NOTHING. I am aware the process takes time, but goodness it is difficult just waiting for placement to get to my file. I think this is the hardest part of the process by far! I got medically cleared quickly and I highly doubt I'll be that lucky again and get invited quickly. I'm guessing that I will have a few more months of silence since I am not slated to leave until September (which is only 6 months away).

While I wait to hear from Placement I thought I'd talk a little bit about why I want to join Peace Corps. Here are my biggest reasons:

1) I strongly believe in service to others. I first started volunteering when I was about 13. That's pretty young, but I was a very independent child. I used to ride the public bus a few miles downtown and volunteer as an usher for a performance arts theater. I had to wear a very silly bow tie and vest, but I loved it. I enjoyed being immersed in the arts and getting to see performances for free was a major bonus.

2) I enjoy learning about other cultures. PC would give me an opportunity to get fully immersed- to learn the language and work with individuals at their level. PC offers the ability for cultural exchange unlike other service organizations.

3) I want a career in international health. While I have skills in public health education and disease surveillance, I do not have the international public health experience that PC can offer. I'd love to eventually work at the CDC or USAID and many of their staff members are RPCV's.