Friday, May 6, 2011

Flight information!

Got my flight & staging information this week! I'm getting so excited! I still have a ton to do: packing, selling my car, wrapping up work etc. I gave my formal resignation letter today. It was bitter sweet. Like dark chocolate. I am really going to miss my colleagues and the friends I've made at work.

Here's my travel info:
Tampa to Philadelphia- June 6th

Attend Staging (a brief orientation)- June 6th-7th
6/6 2pm-7pm sessions
6/7 7am-10am health clinic (aka shots!)

Take a bus to New York JFK airport- June 7th 10am

Flight leaves JFK and looks like it goes straight to Brussels. Then a stop in Burundi before landing in Kenya late Wednesday night June 8th.

It's basically going to be a 2 hour bus ride, followed by about 19 hours of flying. I'm going to probably arrive exhausted from all the traveling and with a case of eye strain from seeing all the movies I've missed in the past year. But I can't wait to meet everyone at staging. And I can't wait to begin this next adventure.