Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two down... one to go!

This morning I was greeted with my favorite email again- the Peace Corps application status update email! I was granted dental clearance! My legal still hasn't cleared yet, but I'm not worried. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... right???

For a while I couldn't figure out how to get that nifty screen shot of mytoolkit like all those hip bloggers out there have (since I am a bit technologically challenged)... but I finally figured it out today!



  1. Hey I see that they recieved your medical files way back in September. Did you ever contact anyone between then and now or did you just wait until you heard something?

  2. Initially I didn't contact anyone in OMS- I just waited. I heard back from them about a month after I submitted my medical packet and was deferred due to abnormal lab results. At that point I called the screening nurse to ask some questions not covered in the letter they sent me. I wound up being medically cleared mid-November so it didn't take too long. It certainly felt like forever though!