Saturday, November 14, 2009

Medical clearance! YAY!

I got the 'application status update' in my email account this morning and I checked mytoolkit. I am medically cleared!! YAY!! It took them a week from when they received my missing items/normal lab results to clear me medically. Not too shabby! I am still surprised how fast I went through medical (not counting my deferment period) given that I am a September 2010 nominee. I was bracing for it to take 3 months for them to review my paperwork alone.

I am still on a legal hold, but after talking to the legal assistant, they don't move forward in the second round of legal clearance until you clear medical. I'm sure the legal hold will be removed soon since I have now cleared medical.

As for dental clearance, I won't really be able to take care of the two dental caries until January once my dental insurance kicks back in.

After all the clearances I will wait some more until I get an invite... then wait some more until I leave. I'm going to be an excellent waiter when this process is over.

In other news, my hot water heater has been broken for the past two days and will not be fixed until Tuesday. 6 days without hot water to take a shower! As I boil water on the stove for baths and take ice cold showers, I keep telling myself this is excellent practice for the Peace Corps. As a bonus, I have learned that I know more expletives than I thought I did.


  1. Ok that's just WRONG ;-)

    YOU are leaving in Sept and they cleared you! I'm leaving in Jan and am STILL not cleared. What a world!

  2. Yay! Congratulations :D I love hearing about people who go through the process gives me hope lol