Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh medical clearance!

Hello! I've created this blog to document my Peace Corps application process and [hopefully] my journey as a volunteer. I've been in the midst of medical-clearance-of-doom for about a month and a half. I've included my timeline below if anyone is interested.
Went to the doctor again (4th visit and counting...) today and I forgot how much of a dillhole he is. Have to return again in about a month to recheck some labs and see how my new medication is working. Thank god PC reimburses us b/c the jerk refused to bill my insurance for the visit today and I had to pay cash. Did I mention he's a dillhole??!? So much for having sweet government employee insurance to cover my medical care!

My timeline:
Submitted application 7-2-09
Interview 7-28-09
Nomination 8-3-09
French speaking West Africa, Sept 2010, Health Degreed program
Official nomination letter received on 8-11-09
Medical Kit received 8-14-09
Sent back Medical Kit 8-28-09... they received it on 9-1-09
OMS reviewed my file pretty quickly and I have to send in a few more things that were missing like one of the Hep B tests (how on earth we missed this despite taking like 8 vials of blood I'll never know) 9-28-09
Letter arrives from OMS it is a deferral until my lab work comes back normal. As soon as I get those labs normal I should be cleared. 9-30-09
More doctors visits 10/2009 thru ???

In other news... I cannot wait to finish my master's degree. Working full time and being a grad student is really starting to wear me down.

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